Rubber Band Shooters

Every kid needs two:

After having worked out a design I set up a rudimentary production line and made about sixteen of these rubber band guns, mainly for my grandchildren—then under ten. Every kid has to have two because it’s no fun when you have a friend over if you’re the only one armed. Two of them became a wedding anniversary gift set packaged as a dueling pair. One I kept for myself after having discovered its deadly utility as a fly swatter. Imagine a swatter that doesn’t pull down the curtains or knock over the crockery!

RbBndGun3I stacked the thin wooden sheets and cut them all at once on a bandsaw. Needing a spring to return the sear after each release led to the making of a simple spring winding mechanism for steel piano wire. The “barrel” needs to be long enough to store a useful amount of energy. U. S. Post office munitions (#64 calibre x 63mm) pack a punch and are free: .

Spring winders

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