498th Bombardment Group Info (1944-1946)

498th Bombardment Group Book
498th Bombardment Group Book

If you visit here please take a minute to scroll down this page to my Seeking 498th Veterans section in the hope that you may be able to provide information to relatives seeking traces of their fathers, uncles, and brothers of the 498th.

The 498th Bombardment Group was a B-29 group that was based on Saipan and operated against Japan from late in 1944 until the end of the Second World War.

The 498th was formed in November 1943 as part of the 73rd Bombardment Wing, the second B-29 combat wing to be formed. The group was originally meant to accompany the 58th Bombardment Wing to India, but that plan was abandoned in April 1944 and instead the wing was assigned to the Mariana Islands.

Saipan was captured after a battle that lasted from 15 June to 9 July 1944. Work on airfields for the B-29s began well before the Japanese had been defeated, and between 24 June and 6 August a 6,000ft long by 150ft wide runway had been completed at Isley Field. The first elements of the 73rd Bombardment Wing arrived on 24 August, and the four bombardment groups soon followed. The 498th was the first group to arrive, officially taking up residence on 6 September.

On 28 October the 497th and 498th Groups took part in the wing’s first combat mission, sending eighteen B-29s to bomb Truk. Fourteen aircraft bombed the Dublon submarine pens, with the 498th getting a quarter of its bombs in the right area. The 497th and 498th returned to Truk again on 30 October, although this time poor weather obscured the target. A third raid against Truk on 2 November was also unsuccessful.

The next target for the group was Iwo Jima, which was hit on 5 and 8 November.

On 24 November the wing carried out its first attack against Tokyo, aiming at the major aircraft engine factory at Musashi. This mission, code named San Antonio I, was very carefully planned, although bad weather on Saipan delayed it for a week from its original date of 17 November. All four of the wing’s groups were involved and 111 B-29s took off from Saipan. The Japanese managed to put up around 125 fighters, but there was only one success, when one fighter appeared to ram a B-29 in the tail. Only 24 aircraft actually bombed Musashi, with another 64 hitting other parts of Tokyo. Overall the wing lost two aircraft destroyed and another 11 were damaged (three by friendly fire).

After this first raid the wing spent the next four months carrying out high level daylight precision raids against Japanese aircraft factories. These didn’t have the expected result, and XXI Bomber Command began to experiment with low-level incendiary raids. The last of the high altitude attacks on the aircraft industry was another failed raid on Musashi on 4 March. After this General LeMay, commander of XXI Bomber Command, decided to shift to night incendiary bombing, beginning with a raid on Tokyo on the night of 9/10 March. The new tactic was a dramatic success – losses dropped as the Japanese fighter force struggled to deal with night fighting and Japan’s cities burned. The group focuses on low level night bombing for the rest of the war.

The group was awarded two Distinguished Unit Citations. The first came during the daytime period and was for a raid on an aircraft engine factory at Nagoya on 13 December 1944. The second was for nighttime raids against Kobe and Osaka in June 1945.

The group returned to the United States in November 1945. It was assigned to Strategic Air Command on 21 March 1946, but was inactivated on 4 August.

(Source: http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/USAAF/498th_Bombardment_Group.html)

More history: 498th Bombardment Group
498th BG book: “The Twenty Niner”
Photographs: 498th BG, 873rd Squadron

Below are some 498th BG veterans, whose families, and friends have graciously lent me pictures and names to put up on this site.

If you visit here please take a minute to scroll down this page to my Seeking 498th Veterans section in the hope that you may be able to provide information to relatives seeking traces of their fathers, uncles, and brothers of the 498th.

J. Creedon's Crew
T-square 36 “Tokyo Raiders” (25 missions)

T-square 36 “Tokyo Raiders” (25 missions)
J. Creedon (AC), W. King (CP), R.V. Thomas (N), A. McNicoll (B), F.L. Ackerman (V), C. Moden (FE), C. Cary (RO), C.N. Schultz (TG), L. Devries (RG), E.R. Jenkins (LG), D.W. Perkins (CFC)
T-36 shot-up from enemy aircraft and flak on 5 June 1945 over Kobe. After an emergency landing on Iwo Jima crew reassigned to T-33
Information courtesy of George Schultz (son of C.N. Schultz)

R.Stickney's Crew
Crew-T42, 875th Bomb Squadron

Crew-T42, 875th Bomb Squadron
H.A. Brandt*, R.C. Stickney (AC), L.E. Winslow, R.F. Thompson, J.N. Herowitz (Hurwitz?)
J.L. Boyd, J.P. Quinn, Thomas*, J.O. Merriwether, P.M. Haines (Haynes?), E.M. Zeohe (Zeone?)
T-42 Crashed in the Marianas on Anatahan on their first mission (no survivors).
*Not on fatal flight.
Information courtesy of Curt Kessler.

R.Livingston's Crew
R. Livingston’s Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron

R. Livingston’s Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron
R.A. Livingston (AC), R.D. Town, C.E. McCoy, O. Baskin, M. Melbostad, S. Cook
N. Cure, M.A. Palmer, F.J. Whitney, B.O. Hopsan, J.B. Comeaux
Information courtesy of Sue Erickson.

H.Taylor's Crew
H. Taylor’s Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron

H. Taylor’s Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron
R. Mossholder (LG), J. McDonald (CFC), R. Northrup (RN), D. Miller (TG), C. Green (RG), W. Clecker (RO), J. Damm (B), W. Blume (N), H. Taylor (AC), A. Nevotti (CP), M. Gardner (FE)
Information courtesy of Bill Blume (Son of W. Blume).

Cassady Crew
Cassady Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron

Cassady Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron

Devil's Darlin' Crew
Devil’s Darlin’ Crew, 873rd Bomb Squadron

Devil’s Darlin’ Crew, 873rd Bomb Squadron
Silk, Burton, Malone, Kossoff, Woods, Clarke, Schiffine, Osborne, Dayoff, Ritchie, Dijeweke

McClendon Crew
Lee McClendon Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron

Lee McClendon Crew, 874th Bomb Squadron
David Beckett, Paul J. Sobonya, Lee McClendon, Arthur J. Petro, James W. Bissantz, Travis P. Watkins, J. Edwin Barnitz, Edward C. Kane, Hubert C. Nalcton, Virgil L. Young, Alfred D. Peck.

Unidentified crew, 874th Squadron
1., 2., 3. Pilot, 4., 5. Tsgt. Roger Moosmann (CFC), 6., 7., 8., 9.-11. (not shown).

08-Nov-44 T8 42-24645 ditched; Trecek crew, 2 survived.

Nick F. Garcia served as a Sergeant and Central Fire Control on B-29 ” T-Square 8 “#42-24645 873rd  Squadron, 498th Bomb Group, U.S. Army Air Force during WW II. He resided in McKinley County, New Mexico prior to the war.B-29

” T Square 8 ” #42-24645 took off, with a crew of 11, from Isley Field, Saipan on a bombing mission over Iwo Jima during the war. While in route to the target the #1 engine caught fire. The Engineer cut the fuel to the engine and tried, unsuccessfully, to extinguish the fire. The Captain gave the orders to abandon ship. The Bombardier, Left & Right Gunners, and the CFC successfully bailed out. Then the Captain, feeling he could save the B-29 and return to base, ordered the rest of the crew to stay in their positions. The bomb bay doors were opened and all bombs released into the ocean along with the additional fuel tanks in an effort to make the B-29 lighter. However they were unable to save the plane and eventually ditched in the sea.

Those that survived the ditching included the 2nd Lt. Connell (Navigator), the Radio Operator, and the Engineer. The Flight Engineer, due to extensive injuries, did not survive. The U.S.S. Grayson was able to locate and saved the 2 survivors. Nick was declared “Missing In Action” after he bailed out, as ordered, prior to this ditching during the war. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. Service # 38352286, Son of Josefina Garcia | Brother of Margaret Garcia.

The airmen of B-29 #42-24645:

CAPT. MILTON TRECEK, Rt.1, Box 367-0, South R St., Merced, Calif. -Pilot
1ST LT. AARON PINKHUS, 6036 Catherine St., Philadelphia, Pa. –
1ST LT. ALDEN J. CONNELL, 321 N. Davis St., Nashville, Ga. -Navigator
2D LT. ERNST M. SPEAR, 25 Foster St., Everette, Wash. –
2D LT. NATHAN LIPCHANSKY, 750 Empire Ave., Far Rockaway, N.Y. -Co-Pilot
2D LT. ROBERT M. KENDALL, 515 Perry St., Vincennes, Indiana -Bombardier
S/SGT. STANLEY J. WOCH, R.F.D., Turin, N.Y. -Radio Operator
SGT. NICK F. GARCIA, Chama, N. Mex. -Central Fire Control
SGT. PAUL J. PASKERT, JR., 3566 W. 129th St., Cleveland, Ohio –
SGT. NICHOLAS A. FARAONE, 69-32 Grand Ave., Maspeth, L.I., N.Y. -Gunner
CPL. ALBERT S. GRULA, 120 W. Miller Ave., Louisville, Ky. –
CPL. DARRELL R. WRIGHT, 1078 N. Davis St., Nashville, Ga. –

If you visit here please take a minute to look below in the hope that you may be able to provide information to relatives seeking traces of their fathers, uncles, and brothers of the 498th.

Seeking 498th Bombardment Squadron Vets

These are people who have e-mailed me seeking information about their 498th Bombardment Group fathers, uncles, and friends who, for whatever reason, were unable to pass on much information to their children and siblings before their deaths.

If you have any information about these Saipan 498th BG veterans please e-mail me.

1. Barbara Bernier seeks service information about her father:
498th BG, 875th Sq.
1st. Lt. Donald M. Bernier (Pilot, AM)
Box 275, Whitefish, MT (1945)

2. Elizabeth Young seeks information about her father:
498th BG, 874th Sq.
1st. Lt. Frank Mitchell, Jr. (Nav./bomb., DFC-2, AM-4, OLC)
7243 Stoney Island Ave., Chicago, IL (1945)

3. Jeffrey Dale seeks information about his grandfather:
73rd Wing, Saipan (BG and squadron unknown).
Sgt. Raymond L. Dombrzal (Tail gunner)

4. Annette Boose seeks information about:
498th BG, 873rd Sq.
Cpl. Edward Boose (Capt. Kilgo’s crew, MIA 10/27/45)
121 H West St., Norwalk, OH

5. B-29 Crew Photo
I have a photo of Crew #42 of the 875th:
Brandt; Richard L. Stickney; Landon E. Winslow; Richard F. Thompson, Jr,; Julius N. Hurwitz (Herowitz?); Jack L. Boyd; John P. Quinn; Robert J. Thomas; James O. Merriwether; Paul M. Haynes (Haines?); Edward M. Zeone (Zeohe?)
It is possible that Howard H. King and John E. Burns were at one time also on this crew which is listed as missing in action in the 498th BG record book “The Twenty Niner.”

45 thoughts on “498th Bombardment Group Info (1944-1946)

  1. Jeff:
    Had better luck this time on 498th BG listings for the 875th:

    1st Lt. Stephen E. Davis
    Rt. 1, Box 168, Gary, Ind.

    2nd Lt. Joseph Perri
    170 Skillman St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

    2nd Lt. Charles E. Reichert
    R.R. 1, Pleasant Plains, Ill.

    2nd Lt. Stanley S. Spatz
    1416 Grenada Pl., Far Rockaway, N.Y.

    Sgt. Joseph S. Bickel
    5 Broad St., Landisville, Pa.

    Sgt. James C. Grier
    743 S. Holbrook Ave., Ft. Scott, Kan.



  2. Bill, MACR 14366 shows B-29 42-63416 crashed 5mi off Saipan at 0335 on 5-5-45. Pilot 1Lt Stephen E. Davis, O-673329, 875 BS, 498 BG (VH). Crashed at sea. Joe Baugher lists engine fire and crash 5 miles off Saipan, 7 KIA/4 survived and rescued. Honor States lists Davis and the following 4 additional 875 BS crew MIA/FOD on 5-5-45: 2Lt Joseph A. Perri, O-782952, Kings Co. NY; 2Lt Charles E. Reichert, O-828528, Sangamon Co. Il; Sgt Joseph S. Bickel, 33871913, Lancaster Co. PA; and Sgt James C. Grier, 17148389, Bourbon Co. KS.

    Hope that helps.

    Jeff Hulet


  3. Haiya:
    I have searched the 498th BG book of record and find nothing listed for Lt. Stanley Spatz in the 875th [I searched the 873rd and 874th as well.].
    There are indications that the book was assembled in haste and that there could be errors and omissions.
    It’s possible I could find a bit more if I knew the name and rank of his crew mates.
    Bill Atkinson


  4. Looking for any information about Lt. StanleyS. Spatz 0-2050831 KIA 05 May 1945 Navigator T square 46 MACR 14366 875 Bomb Squadron 73rd wing


  5. Bill, Thanks for following up re: Charles D. Brodie, O-439041, a pilot with the 873rd BS,498th BG (VH). I found some information on him, including his ditching on February 27,1945 and the three days he spent in a raft with the other survivors before being rescued. He also was dispatched to drop leaflets on Nagasaki on August 10, 1945, and ended up flying around in the nuclear cloud. If you can fill in other details about his time with the 498th that would be great. BTW, it seems his leaflet mission wasn’t cancelled because Nagasaki wasn’t the original intended target and no one connected the dots. The fog of war….

    I’m also trying to find out about another pilot, Francis E. S. Bent, O-695404. Fold3 links him to B-29 42-24759, which went MIA on May 24,1945. MACR 14479, James S. Ross, Jr., O-436539, pilot. Bent may have been his co-pilot. The reports are that the crew was ‘lost’ but Ross was taken prisoner and survived the war. Honor States and Fold3 indicate that Bent was KIA but that’s all I can find. If you can fill in the gaps about what happened to him I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.


    Jeff Hulet


  6. I have my Uncle Sal Franco’s copy of Superfort Saga, a “yearbook” of sorts of the 873rd printed after the war for squadron members. Email me if you are looking for crew photos and aircraft loss info.
    Crews were not always the same in photos as a plane loss crew



  7. Hi Scott:

    I find the following in the 498thBG book of record:
    Capt. Kenneth B. Stetson, 337 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., DFC-1 OLC, AM-3 3 OLC
    S/Sgt. Herbert D. Hagen, 2212 N. Raciene Ave., Chicago, Ill., DFC AM-4 OLC.

    “Raciene” may be a typo of Racine.

    I have no way of identifying the nine other crew members as the Book has no listings by crew.

    Best wishes,


  8. My father, Herbert David Hagen, was a radio operator on the “Tanaka Termite” commanded by Kenneth Stetson. They were assigned to the 874th Bomb Squadron, 498th Bomb Group, 73rd Bomb Wing, 20th Air Force on Saipan. Any info you may have about this aircraft and crew is appreciated. Scott (son)


  9. My father, Captain Victor E. Morris, was the F/E on the “Danny Mite”, T-Square 28, #44-6977, shot down/POW/24May1945. We have some history about his shoot down, captivity, and repatriation, but very few pictures of his crew/aircraft prior to 24May1945. Would you have any information prior to the loss of “Danny Mite”?


  10. Hi Jeff: Do you know his rank, occupation (pilot, gunner, etc.), or Squadron? 873rd, 874th, 875th? Bill

    On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 2:46 PM William C. Atkinson wrote:



  11. My uncle Sal Franco was a crew member on T Square 4 “Little Jo” with Lena Horne on the side. 1st a/c was lost, 2nd one was painted identical. He passed away a few years ago, led a good life. I inherited his copy of Superfort Saga, which appears to have been published after the war.


  12. I am writing a history of air crew involved in training crashes on January 15,1943, one of whom was my uncle, 2Lt. Paul Painter, killed with all but one of his crew. Another pilot involved in a crash that day was Charles. D. Brodie, at Blackland AFS, TX, who survived and later appears to have served with the 498th BG. I have been unable to gather much information on him and would greatly appreciate stories about his war experiences, etc. Please feel free to contact me by-mail at frjeffhulet@yahoo.com. Thank you. The Rev. Jeff Hulet, Sonoma, CA


  13. Hello William:

    I find reference to your grandfather in the 498th BG (873rd. Squadron) book of record:
    CAPT. William S. Doxey
    1234 Country Club Prado, Coral Gables, Fla.
    His ten-man crew is listed in the Roll of Honor pages:
    1st. Lt. Charles E. Fetter,
    1526 Round Hill Rd. Baltimore, Maryland
    2nd. Lt. Kenneth C. Dirkes,
    W. 2125 Gardner, Spokane, Washington
    2nd. Lt. Walter C. Miller,
    POB 293, Forest City, NC
    2nd. Lt. Edward L. Phelan,
    1538 Taylor Ave., Utica, NY
    S/Sgt. Casmere Z. Helchowski,
    3079 Trowbridge Ave., Hamtramck, Michigan
    S/Sgt. Henry S. Magraw,
    648 Monroe Ave., Helena, Montana
    Sgt. Gilbert C. Child,
    642 N. Perry St., Pontiac, Michigan
    Sgt. Thomas M. Braun,
    Rt. 2, Troy, Ohio
    S/Sgt. Milton S. Pierce,
    3746 39th. St., San Diago, California
    Sgt. Harold Hexum,
    Rt. 1, Rothsay, Minnesota

    The number you give is an Army serial number and would have been on his dog-tags.
    However I think it may be missing a digit; the usual format is 0-nnn-nnnn.
    If you Google this no. to the VA they will tell you what they know.

    Best regards,


  14. My name is William S. Doxey III, my grandfather Captain William S. Doxey, he was a Pam Am pilot who lived in Coral Gables, FL and prior to WWII and then enlisted in the Armey aircorp and served in the war as a B-29 pilot. He was a member of the 873 Bomber Squad and the 498 Bombardment Group. He and his crew were shot down over the Sea of Japan on December 4, 1944, no one survived. their plane’s serial number r was 42-24735. My father, his son has, has passed away and this is all the information I have. I welcome the opportunity to access further information regarding him and his crew. My cell number is 786-368-9577 and email is doxeyw007@gmail.com. From my notes, I have a number that was given to me, I don’t know what it means, but I wanted to include it 0-128-801

    Thank you for your consideration.

    William Doxey


  15. My father Jack Brukman a member of 498th Bombardment group passed away last week from COVID at 97. His video that is avail at the National WW2 Veterans Museum lives on with stories about being on the islands and what it was like being so young and going to war. https://www.ww2online.org/view/jack-brukman. It might answer some questions to those that might have some questions about the experience or his time there. I was able to tell him about this group but he never got a chance to look around, that I’m very sorry about. So happy I found it!


  16. Jon: I find your grandfather in the 498th BG book of record, 874th Squadron: 1st Lt. Floyd O. Tobey, Jr., 154 Quoit, Downey, Calif., DFC, AM-1 OLC. I don’t have a URL for the photos-I found them on Google and you can probably do the same. B-29/T-square26/Saipan/874th/Images/etc.
    The other crew members were: 2nd Lt. Clarence J. Flood, Jr., Butte, MT
    F/O Frank G. Albritton, Houston, TX
    1st Lt. Murrell H. Scott, Eddy, TX
    2nd Lt. John A. Day, Barberton, OH
    S/Sgt. Elwood R. Kinzer, Cleveland, OH
    S/Sgt. Charles O. Murrell, Los Angeles, CA
    S/Sgt. Samuel N. Forsey, National City, CA
    Sgt. Henry C. Shelton, Hopkinsville, KY
    T/Sgt. John H. Musser, Holmon, WI
    S/Sgt. Leslie E. Reilly, Long Beach, CA

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi Bill,

    Love all the information you have compiled! Also, glad you are doing well given everything going on.

    My grandfather, Floyd Tobey, was the pilot of T square 26 (Faye) which you have a picture of on your Gunner’s Tale page. Do you happen to know where you got them and also do you have any high resolution files?

    I would also love any other information you have about his crew/flights. We have some, mainly from letters to my grandma but as they were shot down in 45 that’s about it.



    Liked by 1 person

  18. Good to hear from you Bill. He thinks it was 874 – he said the Commander was Saunders? and Gainey? He has his book – just can’t get to it this moment. His rank was PFC and he said he was Armament Ground Crew. Let me know if you find him?


  19. Hi Linda:
    498th Bomb Group:
    If I know his Squadron (873, 874, 875), his rank, and his MOS (Pilot, Gunner, etc.) I can see whether he is in our book of record.
    Nice to hear from you.


  20. Hi Jim:

    I find the crew listed in the 498th,BG book of record in the “Roll of Honor” section.
    They were in the 873rd Squadron.
    In their order listed:
    1st.Lt. Alfred E. Garrett, Lindsey, CA
    S/Sgt. Billy J. Brown, Nocona, TX
    Sgt. George Heimendahl, Jr., Cedar Rapids, IA
    Sgt. Joseph A. Esola, Reynoldsville, PA
    1st.Lt. Stephan E. Davis, Gary, IN
    1st.Lt. Charles E. Reichert, Pleasant Plains, IL
    1st.Lt. Stanley S. Spatz, Far Rockaway, NY
    1st.Lt. Joseph A. Perri, Brooklyn, NY
    Cpl. James C. Grier, Fort Scott, KS
    Cpl. Joseph S. Bickel, Landisville, PA
    Cpl. Richard B. Becker, Reading, PA

    The listing is unusual in that the eleven crew members are normally listed by rank, the highest being the pilot.
    The four commissioned officers would have been: Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator, Bombardier, and Radar Navigator.
    Then: Flight Engineer, Radio Operator, Central Fire Control, Right Gunner, Left Gunner, and Tail Gunner.

    I have no information on the plane, T-Square 4.

    Best regards,


  21. Doing research for my great uncle Joseph A. Esola. 873rd BW, 498 BG. Little Jo 42-24611 T square 4. He is to be honored at Arlington in the near future. MIA April 29th, 1945. Half the crew went missing, one captured, kia, the others survived. Looking for any information or photographs, about the crews, the B-29, Little Jo, maps. Thank you in advance. I truly appreciate all that you do.

    Jim Rupert


  22. Hi Laine:
    I find all crew members listed in the 498th Bombardment Group book of record: “The Twenty Niner”. I might be able to tell you something of the mission if I had its date.

    1st Lt. Floyd O. Tobey, Jr., 154 Quoit, Downey, Calif. DFC. AM-1 OLC
    2nd Lt. Clarence J. Flood, 1260 Gold St., Butte, Mont. AM-2 OLC
    F/O Frank G. Albritton, 2336 Braeswood, Houston, Tex. AM-2 OLC
    1st Lt. Murrel H. Scott, Eddy, Tex. AM-1 OLC
    2nd Lt. John [H]. Day, 527 Parkview Ave., Barberton, Ohio AM2 OLC
    S/Sgt. Charles O. Murrell, 162 W. 55th St., Los Angeles, Calif. AM-2 OLC
    T/Sgt. John H. Musser, R.F.D. Rt. 2, Holeman, Wis. AM-2 OLC
    [S/]Sgt. Elwood R. Kinzer, 5900 Parkridge Ave., Cleveland, Ohio AM-2 OLC
    [S/}Sgt. Samuel [H]. Forsey, 2233 1 Ave., National City. Calif. AM-2 OLC
    Sgt. Henry C. Shelton, 11041 Mogul, Detroit, Mich. AM-2 OLC
    [S/]Sgt. Leslie E. Reilly, 3631 Walnut, Long Beach, Calif. AM-2 OLC

    Best regards,
    Bill Atkinson


  23. 42-65210 “Fay” Tobey Crew, 874th SQ, 498th BG, 73rd BW, Saipan, MACR 13447

    My name is Laine Musser and my Great Uncle TSgt John H. Musser was on the board the bomber “Fay” and the entire crew was KIA. Here is a list of his crew and I am trying to find photos and other information on him and the crew. They are all buried at FT. MCPHERSON NATIONAL CEMETERY.

    AC: 1st Lt. Floyd O. Tobey, Jr. (Wife: Mrs. Edith C. Tobey)
    Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. Clarence J. Flood, Jr. (Father: Mr. Clarence J. Flood)
    Nav/Bomb: F/O Frank G. Albritton (Father: Mr. Ford D. Albritton)
    Bomb/Nav: 1st Lt. Murrel H. Scott (Father: Mr. C. Scott)
    FE: 2nd Lt. John A. Day (Wife: Mrs. Betty Day)
    Radio: S/Sgt. Charles O. Murrell (Wife: Mrs. Shirley V. Murrell)
    Radar: T/Sgt. John H. Musser (Mother: Mrs. Carrie L. Musser)
    CFC: Sgt. Elwood R. Kinzer (Father: Mr. Albert A. Kinzer)
    Left Gun: Sgt. Samuel N. Forsey (Mother: Mrs. Gertrude A. Forsey)
    Right Gun: Sgt. Henry C. Shelton (Mother: Mrs. Mira E. Shelton)
    Tail Gun: Sgt. Leslie E. Reilly (Father: Mr. Buell E. Reilly)
    This crew took off from Saipan at approximately 18:30 Guam Standard Time. Aircraft and formation flew individually to the target. 42-65210 (“Fay”) was not sighted nor was radio contact made with the aircraft after take-off. Air-see search failed to reveal any traces of the missing crew. Likewise, radio contact with nearby islands proved unsuccessful in locating Lt. Tobey’s crew. It was hoped that he may have landed at Iwo Jima.

    Thank you.


  24. Raymond:
    I do not find his name in the 498thBG record book as having been in the 873rd, 874th, or 875th Squadrons.
    The records have shortcomings.
    Can you give me any further info?


  25. My father Maj Clarence Rarick was in the “T Square” group does anyone any information on his history?


  26. I am doing some research on 2nd Lt. Thomas Holt Wynia, who was lost with his crew on April 7, 1945 over Tokyo. His plane, “Mrs. Tittymouse” is referred to both as T square 42 and as T square 47. My question is, why would the tail marking be changed? How can I find out when he was flying on the T square 42 and when he was flying on the T square 47? Thank you.



  27. My Grandfather was in the 498th BG, 873rd Sq. Plane was T Square 8, named Tommy Hawk (Serial Number: 42-24755) Would love it if anyone had any information or photos. I have my grandfather’s dog tags and A-11 Helmet. When he told me stories, he told me that they left Saipan rather quickly for some special assignment, and had to leave all of their photos and personal items.

    Photo of his helmet: https://imgur.com/RSZJfZG


  28. My Grandfather was in the 498th BG, 873rd Sq. Plane was T Square 8, named Tommy Hawk (Serial Number: 42-24755) Would love it if anyone had any information or photos. I have my grandfather’s dog tags and A-11 Helmet. When he told me stories, he told me that they left Saipan rather quickly for some special assignment, and had to leave all of their photos and personal items.

    Photo of his helmet: https://imgur.com/RSZJfZG


  29. Gary:
    Yes, I find your father listed in the 498th. BG book of record: 875th Squadron- T/ SGT., Clifford L. Kennedy, Boulder, Ill., BSM.
    The record says nothing about his MOS (Radio, gunner, etc.) or about his plane or his ten crew mates.
    Thanks for your reply,
    Bill Atkinson


  30. My father, T. Sgt., Clifford Lyle KENNEDY, belonged to the 875’th Bomb Squadron of the 498’th B.G. I am interested in anything that someone can share as to anyone serving with him on Saipan or elsewhere during the War.


  31. My Grandfather was in the 498th BG, 873th Sq. His planes name was T Square 5 or the Joltin Josie. I would have emailed you, but your email link didn’t work. I have pictures and other information I would love to share with you.

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