World War II

This section features my combat mission logs from 1945 and a few other WWII-related items.

T-27 and Crew
With the B-29s on Saipan in the Marianas, 1945
T-27 & Crew #121 before Mission-5, Tachikawa
Milne, Atkinson, Shaw, Harris, Foster, Spiller, Hyman, Norris, Jensvold, Wasowski (Van Wormer, photographer?)

Emblem_of_the_USAAF_468th_Bombardment_Group20th Air Force, 73rd Wing, 498th Bombardment Group, 874th Squadron
Isley Field, Saipan, Marianas

southern-belle-wwii🛩 B-29 Combat Mission Logs of Wm. C. Atkinson, Radar Navigator, 20th Air Force (1945)

(Logs are from notes taken at the time. Selected sophomoric and ungracious passages have been expunged. The writer was twenty in 1945.)

Reference: “The Twenty Niner: The Combat Story of the 498th Bombardment Group,” self-published 1946 by Capt. Michael J. Ogden.

Notes and pix of other 498th B-29 crews

If you are seeking (or have) information about lost 498th BG Vets go to this page.

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